Silicone Roofing

For West Tennessee & Beyond

Silicone roofing is designed to restore, improve performance, and extend the life of your roof. This cost-effective solution can be quickly installed, provides a renewed water-tight surface, and helps reduce energy costs. With silicone roofing you get a restored roof for half the cost of a replacement. If you’re looking to repair or secure your existing roof, E&T Contracting is here to help you with reliable, cost-effective silicone roofing solutions. 

the benefits of silicone roofing

Why is silicone roofing the best choice for you?

Cost Effective

Not only do silicone roofing systems save in energy costs and maintain the highest performance during adverse weather conditions, they are also renewable. With silicone roofing, you can maintain your roof simply by re-coating rather than replacing your entire roof. There’s no need to tear off your existing roof or replace the whole thing, which makes silicone roofing an amazing money-saving option. 

High Performance

Silicone roofing remains durable in adverse weather conditions including high winds, hurricanes, and hailstorms. Silicone roof coatings have exceptionally strong physical properties that will not be compromised even in ponding water, like many other commercial roof coatings. Even in the worse scenario, silicone roof coatings remain water-tight and leak-free. 

Energy Efficient & Sustainable

Silicone roof coatings reflect nearly 90% of UV rays back into the atmosphere, keeping your building cooler. On a hot summer day, a silicone roof coating can reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 60 degrees, which prevents that heat from penetrating the roof into your building. This can help you significantly reduce the cost of cooling your building. Silicone roof coatings can be applied to most single ply membranes, smooth surface BUR, modified bitumen, metal roof panels, or exposed concrete. This allows the original roof and insulation to be utilized, while still providing a high-performance waterproofing system. By choosing silicone roofing, you keep unnecessary waste out of landfills that would be caused by complete roof replacement. 

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