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E&T Contracting is here to serve your concrete needs. The term “set in concrete” implies permanence, so installing concrete has to be done right the first time. That’s why hiring concrete experts like E&T Contracting is the way to go. Concrete for foundations is inexpensive, quick, and the final results require little maintenance. E&T Contracting will help you lay a strong foundation for your business with professional concrete foundations and concrete slabs.

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Concrete is one of the primary building blocks of our society. It offers unparalleled strength, durability, longevity and resilience. Concrete lasts decades and even gets stronger over time. It doesn’t burn, rust or rot, and is resilient to water and wind damage, making it an excellent choice for building materials. We never want a bad weather event to destroy your foundations! Concrete lasts a long time and is incredibly low maintenance. If you didn’t know, concrete is also 100% recyclable and has the lowest carbon footprint of any other building material! Thanks to its incredible durability and strength, concrete requires less upkeep, which makes it cost-effective. Concrete helps protect buildings from the natural shifting that occurs to buildings over time. Concrete helps prevent water damage and offers fire protection. Increase strength, density, and joint-free construction of poured concrete dramatically reduce basement water problems and possible leakage. Create a stronger, safer building with concrete. E&T can pour a solid concrete foundation or concrete slab for your building.

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