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At E&T Contracting, we know that quality roofing matters. No one deserves a roof that leaks, breaks, or damages easy. The quality and durability of your roof makes a huge overall difference in the quality and durability of your home. In order to provide our customers with a roof they can rely on, E&T Contracting only uses the finest quality roofing supplies. We work with Atlas Roofing and TAMKO Building Products to procure the best roofing supplies in the industry. 

the benefits of Atlas Roofing

Why Atlas Roofing Is The Way To Go For Long-Lasting Roof Solutions

Curb Appeal

The Atlas Scotchgard Shingle Protector is resistant to those unsightly black streaks caused by algae.  Shingles with Scotchgard Shingle Protector contain copper granules with a proprietary 3M porous ceramic coating. This allows copper ions to release slowly over time, which fights black streaks from appearing on your shingles. This incredible technique means that your roof won’t just be functional, but attractive for well into the life of your roof. Let’s make sure you retain curb appeal with a roof that looks nice for years to come.

Strong & Resistant

You want to know that your roof can handle whatever comes your way. With Atlas Roofing, you know your roof can handle the storm. The new Atlas HP42 shingles stay put even in the roughest of weather conditions, keeping your roof tough and in one piece. These shingles can resist up to 150MPH winds! That’s no joke! The wider shingle format, along with the enhanced Sweet Spot nailing area, means that your shingles are in place for the long haul, even when winds come blowing. 

Advanced Technology

Atlas Roofing StormMaster shingles are built with Core 4 Technology. The Core 4 is the most innovative development in asphalt shingle manufacturing, with each shingle containing four specialty technologies in the core. The Poly Core is made from advanced polymer materials. The Flex Core helps shingles bend and resist breaks and cracking in the cold. The Weather Core resists impact from hail and high winds, and the Thermal Core maintains stability even in severe conditions. 

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