General & Sub Contracting

For West Tennessee & Beyond

Above all, E&T Contracting is a general contractor. So what does that mean? A general contractor takes complete control over a construction project so that the client doesn’t have to worry about a thing. As general contractors we: 

as general contractors we:

How do you know that E&T Contracting is the right choice for a general contractor for your project? E&T is licensed and insured. Everyone on our team is qualified and trained to do an excellent job. Anything that isn’t completed in a satisfactory way will be redone until our clients are completely happy with the work we’ve done. We have been in the business for nearly two decades, so we know the industry. E&T Contracting is also proud to be a part of the Chester County community. We love serving our community by providing incredible quality work for businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

A subcontractor is hired by a general contractor to perform specific and specialized tasks. Sometimes E&T Contracting works under other general contractors to do subcontracted work. A subcontractor is responsible for managing smaller projects as part of the whole. If you already have, or are, a general contractor but find yourself in need of subcontracted work, E&T Contracting would be happy to come in and help get your project to the finish line. 

Consider it done​

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